MaiNLP research lab

Welcome! We are the Munich AI & NLP (MaiNLP) research lab at the Center for Information and Language Processing (CIS) at LMU Munich. We carry out research in Natural Language Processing, an interdisciplinary subdiscipline of Artificial Intelligence at the interface of computer science, linguistics and cognitive science. In broad terms, our aim is to make NLP models more robust, so that they can deal better with underlying shifts in data due to language variation.


Portrait (Barbara Plank)

Barbara Plank

Prof. Dr. and Chair for AI and Computational Linguistics, Lead MaiNLP and Co-director CIS

Support Staff

Portrait (Zihang Sun)

Zihang Sun

student assistant (2023-)
Portrait (Sif Dam Sonniks)

Sif Dam Sonniks

student assistant (2020-2021 / 2023-)

Administrative Staff

Portrait (Sabine Greser)

Sabine Greser


Affiliated researchers and/or co-supervisors

Support staff and student assistants for teaching

  • Chaeeun Lee (2022-)
  • Bolei Ma (2022-)
  • Ercong Nie (2022-)
  • Shija Zhou (2022-)


  • Anna Barwig, student assistant for research project (2022-2023)


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Our research is supported by and we thank our sponsors:
  • European Research Council (ERC)
  • Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond (DFF)
  • Freistaat Bayern
  • Bayerisches Forschungsinstitut für Digitale Transformation
  • Munich Center for Machine Learning (MCML)

Find us

We are located at Akademiestraße 7, 80799 Munich, Germany.